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My name is Huntley Hughes, CEO of The Glass Cleaners Inc.

I began working with this company in 2012 as an employee of its founder David Levitt, for what I thought would be a quick Summer job before leaving for college. Over the next ten years I lived in North Carolina, Pennsylvania, and Tennessee working in academia, but one thing always remained the same - I looked forward to getting away from the computer screen and working with The Glass Cleaners back in the Triangle.

It worked out perfectly, after all those Summers and holiday breaks working with the company, that when I returned to the area to finish up my dissertation The Glass Cleaners was ready for new ownership and I was ready to transition into a new career path.

Now my primary focus is serving the community I grew up with by doing what I love - providing top quality window maintenance at an affordable price, and providing our customers with services that improve not only the value of their properties but the quality of their lives.

The Glass Cleaners team looks forward to working with you! 

Meet The Team


Skyler Hinkel

Media Manager

I am excited to be with The Glass Cleaners starting in 2023 and look forward to helping the team grow! I have several years prior experience in management and hope to be a good asset to the team.


Bradley Tharrington

Lead Technican



Head Branch Manager

Bark bark bark, bark bark. Bark bark bark bark. Bark. Bark, bark bark bark bark!

David Levitt.jpg

David Levitt


I'm the founder of The Glass Cleaners. I know what it is like to want good service and have nice things to take care of. Service is an art in and of itself. I have always prided myself on providing honorable, quality service to all of my customers!

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