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Residential Window Cleaning

The Glass Cleaners is your locally-owned Raleigh window cleaning service for any size of home - townhomes to ranch homes to large estate properties.  We have been in business in the Triangle area since 2007 and we take great pride in our work.  We treat each home with the care and quality service that you deserve as our customer.

The Glass Cleaners utilizes 
PURE WATER window cleaning, a Water-Fed Pole System, which cleans windows using de-ionized water.  Windows cleaned with PURE WATER actually stay cleaner longer, which makes your home shine. 

If your windows or siding show signs of Artillery Mold (a/ka/ "shotgun mold"), please click here for important information on how best to deal with the problem.  Please note that a window cleaning will not take care of the problem; additional steps are needed.

We are your Raleigh window cleaners and service all Triangle areas in North Carolina, including Raleigh, Durham, Chapel Hill, Hillsborough, Cary, Apex, Morrisville, Wake Forest
and North Raleigh.


Please click on this GET AN ESTIMATE link  and we will contact you shortly with a written estimate.  Let's get you scheduled for clean windows!


Angie's List:

09/15/2016 – Jenna Martin

"I had a good experience with The Glass Cleaners. Dave was very knowledgeable about the scratched glass on a few of my windows. He also cleaned the skylights in our bathroom, which were really dirty, and they look great now. Dave was quick, thorough and reasonably priced. I highly recommend him."


09/01/2016 - Brenda M.
"We hired the Glass Cleaners to clean the windows at our small commercial building in Durham.  They were very professional, reasonably priced and did a great job.  I would use them again in a second."


12/15/14 - A Google User
"I was very pleased with Dave's attention to detail. He protected every surface around the area he was working on. No cleaning products hit any surface other than their intended target. He made some suggestions to help keep our windows clean in the next months till he can come again.
I would highly recommend The Glass Cleaners. I have done our windows so many times and I just can't gets them to gleam the way he does."


PURE WATER window cleaning, a Water-Fed Pole System, has been utilized by The Glass Cleaners for window cleaning Raleigh and the Triangle  for the past decade.  Windows cleaned with PURE WATER actually stay cleaner for longer. 

PURE WATER is an imbalance of two Hydrogen and one oxygen atom, forming a molecule, hence the name H2O. This PURE WATER molecule imbalance creates a desire to return to its natural state of balance. Through this process, all impurities are absorbed, leaving your windows to dry naturally to a spotless. This the same method they use to clean the inside of double pained windows during manufacturing.  The precedent has been set by the replacement window industry, where glass used to produce double glazed sealed units is washed and rinsed using de-mineralised water prior to assembly. This is the reason that sealed units will remain optically perfect for many years, until the seal is damaged.

Water Fed Pole (WFP) Information: The WFP was developed here in the USA almost 70 years ago by Tucker Manufacturing Co., Inc., in 1945. Recent inovations in new pole technology allow window cleaners to clean building windows up to 5 stories high, from the safety of the ground. Window cleaning in Raleigh and the rest of the Triangle has never been easier!

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