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Every Small Business Needs A Good CRM!

Small Business CRM

What is a CRM? Customer Relationship Management. This type of software provides database management for all of your customer contacts, and makes customer outreach very simple and organized.

Our business has used The Customer Factor for our CRM needs since 2011. The Customer Factor provides a database that is set up specifically for service industry business' such as window cleaning, janitorial services, electricians, plumbers, etc. The cost is a very reasonable $19.99 per month and this includes free website hosting with email!

This software allows us to add new customers to our database, email them an estimate for their window cleaning. Once they decide to become our customer, we schedule their job, which automatically goes into the database calendar. The system will send out a reminder email to each customer, as well as an invoice for payment once the job is done.

Another very helpful feature of The Customer Factor is the ability to track expenses of all types - vendor payments, subcontractor payments, employee payroll and sales receipts. It is easy to run a report to provide to your accountant at tax time to make sure you don't miss any important deductions!

Our favorite piece of the database is the ability to set up certain customers as "recurring" so that they system automatically contacts the customer on a regular basis to schedule their window cleaning. It's no longer up to use to try to remember it all!

In our super busy world, any software that helps us to organize our business in a meaningful way is well worth the cost, and actually pays for itself in the long run!

Happy Organizing!

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