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A Smarter Home in 2017

There seems to be no escaping technology anymore, even in you live in an older home or apartment. Anything that makes our lives a little easier can't be bad, right?

Here are a few of the more innovative home tech solutions which will take off in 2017:


Smart Home Speaker: Amazon Echo

The Echo is one smart speaker, thanks to its ability to control multiple smart home products and a selection of more than 3,000 skills. The Echo can accomplish many tasks, including buying products on Amazon, controlling your lights and smart thermostat, get traffic and weather updates and, of course, play music. The design is sleek and attractive, meant to blend in with other furnishings in your home. The sound quality of the Echo is excellent and it is priced comparably to other speakers of its kind.

It should be left on all the time, awaiting your commands!

Smart Outdoor Living Space: Trex Outdoor Kitchens

These space-saving cabinets, drawers and benches help to pull together an outdoor entertaining space in style. Made with high-density, low maintenance resin by the company that makes Trex decks, these storage units are 100% waterproof and easy to clean. Design elements offer the look of teak wood, available in various stains to match your decking. You can even customize the cabinet tops with granite, marble or stone. Outdoor living just got smarter!

Smart Fireplace: Modern Fusion Steam Fireplace

This type of fireplace has become very popular in the last year or two, particularly in new residential construction. Now Modern Fusion introduces the Steam Fireplace, which utilizes a very small amount of water when running to produce clean steam energy to power the flames. This fireplace is able to circumvent the often-stringent "green" building codes found in many areas of our country, as well as the "Net Zero" building requirements that are becoming increasingly common as well. This sleek, modern fireplace offers several different flame "colors," as well as many choices in surround materials. It also easily fits in virtually any living space in the home. This clean, environmentally-friendly and beautiful fireplace is a smart investment for any home!


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