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Residential Business Growth for your Small Business

Small business owners are often endowed with many bad habits but the worst is our tendency to take something simple and morph it into something complex. Simplicity is the ULTIMATE sophistication" Leonardo Da Vinci It was almost like I enjoyed overanalyzing what should be an elementary concept until it became a bloated 17 point plan that I really had no hope of executing on a consistent basis, if I am honest with myself (but I usually wasn't back then).

The Glass Cleaners Raleigh Window Cleaning

I remember in the early days of my business getting so stressed out reading all of the latest forum posts online regarding marketing techniques. There were so many marketing options but so little time and budget. So much to absorb but so few hours to invest towards learning in any meaningful way. So I did what most do, a little bit of everything.

I skimmed through pages and pages of online posts from the keyboard warriors of business talking about marketing, growth and whatever else popped in their head after putting back few on a Friday night. The credibility and background of the "online authors" was sketchy at best but "Hey, I was the new guy, who was I to question it." I didn't know any better so I did what so many others do. I tried it all. Yard signs, door hangers, fliers, direct mail, radio, newspaper ads, restaurant placemat ads, referral programs, employee up sell systems and even sponsoring the local T-Ball team.

Surely the T-Ball team was the home run I had been waiting for, right? I could smell the millions, until I couldn't. Today, I call this "buffet style marketing" and similar to a real Chinese buffet it typically only brings with it pain, suffering and a splash of disappointment. So what is the answer?

The truth is that any of the methods I tried could work just fine if I had actually went DEEP enough with it. Typically, in my observation, most businesses do "just enough to fail". They put out just enough fliers or door hangers to almost make a big difference. My friends, we need to go DEEP, not wide. We need to focus on becoming a ninja master at whatever method we choose rather than doing a "little bit of this" and a "little bit of that" in a sad attempt to build our little empires.

From T-Ball to $200,000 Per Month

By the time my small business was cranking out close to $200,000 per month in cleaning revenue I had finally figured it out. It was embarrassingly simple and right in front of me the whole time. Ready for the secret sauce? Here it comes.

The most powerful marketing strategy on the planet comes from the following two sources.

1: Your current customers 2: Their neighbors

Anticlimactic? (Sigh)...I hear ya but let me explain. The foundation for ALL small business growth needs to contain the following three elements:

-Simplicity -Organized -Consistent

Try putting together a marketing plan using those three elements, to use on your current customers. It will work, I promise!

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