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Clean Windows for the Holiday Season

The winter holidays present the only real opportunity during the year when your home can "dress up," to be seen by neighbors and passers-by every day for weeks. Sparkly holiday lights, a snowman, reindeer prancing on the front lawn, and the occasional Santa with a sleigh mean that your home is on display for everyone to see – and to judge. Clean windows make a home look bright, appealing and well-taken care of!

We have put together a checklist so you can be sure that your windows are clean and ready

for the upcoming holiday season. Whether you like to do your own windows, or you would like

The Glass Cleaners to take at least that one stress off your plate, it is always a good idea to review these tips.


If you are like most people, you probably don't clean your windows on a regular basis. They are often low on the list of priorities in home maintenance but they really do make a huge difference in the overall appearance of your home. Buy a few microfiber cloths and wipe down each window, inside and out. (The Glass Cleaners uses deionized water rather than soap and we highly recommend our method to eliminate streaks.) You will be amazed at the difference the clean, sparkly windows will make!

Window screens

Screens on the front windows will be the first thing a visitor will notice when approaching your front door. You need to be sure they’re as presentable as the windows they help protect. Clean off stains and mend any tears or holes in your screens. Intact screens can also help lower your heating bills when it really starts to get chilly in the Triangle!

Window sills

Window sills tend to accumulate a lot of dirt and debris, even on the inside of the home. Make sure you wipe them down regularly so that the debris isn't really difficult to remove.

Storm windows

Many older Triangle homes do have storm windows and they are often difficult to remove and clean properly. They need to be cleaned inside and outside to look really good. We do recommend that you seek a professional window cleaning company to handle any storm windows at your home.

The Glass Cleaners


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