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A Visit to Bynum's Front Porch

Bynum, NC

We were searching the internet for a good place to hear live music near our home in Chapel Hill and the Bynum's Front Porch website popped up. We decided to go that Friday night to try it out and now we are hooked!

Every Friday night, from May to the end of August, there is live music outside of the original Bynum General Store (c. 1936). The line up is eclectic - folk, country, bluegrass, rockabilly - and so far, the musicians are always very good. Everyone brings their own chairs to set on the grassy area next to the stage. There is a food truck every Friday evening and sometimes an ice cream cart as well. Kids and dogs are welcome! Upcoming musical acts on Friday nights include a gospel choir, a jazz/latin/bluegrass band called Chocolate Suede and an acoustic folk group called City Folk.

While you are in Bynum, be sure to take a stroll down to the Haw River. The original cotton mill (c 1872) is now gone but all of the homes near the river are former mill worker cottages. There is an old bridge across the river, which went out of use years ago when the 15-501 bridge was built, but it's still open for pedestrian traffic. It's a nice place to go for a morning jog. You might be so taken with this tiny town that you want to learn more about it, as I did, and this is a good website to start with: Bynum, NC - Local Town.

Have fun exploring Bynum!

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